Sony HDR-PJ620 Camcorder

Full review of the Sony HDR-PJ620 Camcorder

Everybody would love to have their sweet moments of life captured “on tape” for future reference. Even you would have enjoyed your childhood activities on a tape. That wonderful feeling you experience when you look in to those video clips years later is electrifying, no matter if you were on a picnic, taking part in a drama, or enjoying a sweet time with your loved ones. Sony HDR-PJ620 Full HD Handycam Camcorder with Built-In Projector will make your memories more adorable with advanced hi-tech features. It is a life-style changer. It can take your memories to a new dimension with the touch of elegance.

The Features of Sony HDR-PJ620 Full HD Handycam Camcorder with Built-In Projector.

Balanced Optical SteadyShot
This image stabilization feature is integrated in order to enable blur-free capture, even with shaky and/or bumpy situations. Having this “SteadyShot” feature makes sure that even a beginner can handle recordings in a professional manner to produce a good quality video.

30x Optical Zoom
When capturing large and panoramic landscapes, the wide angle lens becomes a key feature. The special lens that comes with the Sony HDR-PJ620 has the ability of providing optical zoom level upto 30X and clear image zoom level up to 60X with multiple image capturing options.

26.8 mm Wide Angle Lens
The advantage of the inclusion of the 26.8 mm wide angle lens, is that you can capture both stills and videos in a much wider range even when you are not in a position to move backwards. You will not require a wide conversion lens because of the inclusion of the 26.8 wide angle lens. Due to this advancement, Sony HDR-PJ620 Full HD Handycam Camcorder can produce a video with 16:9 aspect ratio in movie mode.

Motion Shot Video
This feature becomes extremely useful when you need to analyse still images without missing even a single moment. Motion shot video technology actually plays a series of superimposed still images of captured video with extremely short intervals. When the video plays back, you can adjust the intervals between the images or even pause the video when you need to capture and share a certain frame.

You might also find these features to be beneficial:

Built-In Projector with 25 lumen brightness, allowing you to watch the movies anytime
Sony’s standard one year warranty (extendable up to 3 years)
Built in speaker for more convenience in recording
Compatible Recording Media Memory Stick Micro and Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC compatible
Realistically capture your memories with a powerful BIONZ X image processor

The Advantages of This Sony HDR-PJ620 Full HD Handycam Camcorder with Built-In Projector

Exceptional Image Quality
Videographers will surely love the XAVC S video format with a very high bit-rate. That will help them to capture their hard-work with the quality they expected (or even better than expected). This XAVC S, which is built from the XAVC video format, with extremely good video quality, used by professional film makers and broadcasters in the industry. Further, this becomes handy when it comes to intelligent data compression. Intelligent data compression is a key fact in transferring or exporting files with user friendly capacities. Therefore, without a doubt, XAVC S becomes one of the most efficient tools in video productions and broadcasting.

5.1 ch Surround Sound Microphone
It is important that you have captured a realistic audio together with the video. When what you captured is played back with your home theatre or any other system, a good audio creates a major impact on the total production. To make sure that the quality is maintained and the viewers are pleased, the Sony HDR-PJ620 is equipped with 5.1 surround sound microphone. It records crystal clear sounds and has the ability of capturing the real atmosphere of the scene, guaranteeing a high quality audio output. Each channel’s level is displayed on the LCD panel enabling the user to monitor the levels visually.

Highlight Movie Maker
Highlight Movie Maker is a multi functioned smart feature added to edit streamline movies. It offers a number of time saving options in filming. Even while recording you will be having the ability to add highlight markers to the most important moments. Then the software itself will synchronize the transitions with the desired sound track.

Live Streaming via Ustream
Live streaming is a highly demanded feature in the modern world with globalization. You can now broadcast your event online with Sony HDR-PJ620 Full HD Handycam Camcorder, as it integrated with Ustream. This will allow worldwide viewers to watch what you “broadcast”, no matter where you are. These real-time images and videos will be in superior quality, thanks to the advanced technology used in integration of Ustream and Sony HDR-PJ620 Camcorder.

The disadvantages of This Sony HDR-PJ620 Full HD Handycam Camcorder.
This hi tech Sony HDR-PJ620 has very few considerable drawbacks.
The sound of the built in speaker is not that loud.
Shooting in dark atmosphere will produce low quality output.

If you ever wanted to capture your special moments with top quality video and still images, the Sony HDR-PJ620 Camcorder is the ideal solution for you. It’s advanced features will fascinate you. It’s technology including Optical SteadyShot has the ability to turn you into a professional videographer with ease. It’s built in 25 lumen projector is extremely beneficial when you need to watch your videos “on the go”. This special camcorder is equipped with a 26.8 mm Wide Angle Lens leaving you with no worries in capturing landscapes and other wide angled shots. Ustream integration will enable you to stream high quality videos online, no matter where you are. That will allow you to share your moments in real-time with anybody you want across the globe. With the wide angle G-Lens, 60X zooming level will surely be an assist in various ways. Overall, this amazing product from the world renowned Sony company, will make sure that you enjoy every split second spent with it.